Coach Igor

Igor Reznik discovered rowing in college when looking for a low impact sport to stay active while recovering from a knee injury. He fell in love immediately despite it requiring waking up at 5 a.m. six days a week. He eventually became captain of the University of the Pacific Men's rowing team and was given coaching duties. These included teaching proper indoor rowing technique to recruits and novice rowers as well as developing supplemental training plans. Having been out of competitive rowing for a few years, Igor could no longer resist the call to get back on an erg. Igor's college coach had a quote he would say often that resonated and exemplifies indoor rowing, "The erg does not lie to you. Putting in the work gets you to a truth you'll love." Igor became a certified instructor for the Concept2 indoor rower in 2017 and is excited to share his passion for the sport with others in our community.