Coach Fola

"Persevere or Pivot"

With over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry, Fola has a great understanding of what it takes to facilitate fitness results and how to service clients' needs.

Moving up the ranks from Fitness Consultant to Certified Personal Trainer to Sales Director and finally becoming a Co-Founder has exposed him to the many aspects of the fitness industry which has been paramount in designing individualized and group programs for all fitness and age levels.

Fola looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with all who are interested in truly living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Favorite Workout

I like combining intervals of rowing and functional movements.

My workout Playlists

When I'm not on the Erg

Outside of ROWViGOR, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful daughters and family, training in a variety of fighting styles, and critiquing fight scenes in movies.