Class Description

Kettle Row

Burn major calories while simultaneously improving muscle tone, body composition and strengthening primary muscle groups through a plethora of compound kettlebell movements and killer cardio pieces!

Erg Flow

Stroke form and rhythm are key to an efficient rower whether on the water or on the erg. Increase muscular strength, stamina and mobility while perfecting you optimal form and cadence using erg flow.

Just Row

If you are a runner, cyclist or just wanting to supplement your normal cardio workout with a low impact high result cardio routine, than this is the class for you! Just Row will allow you to increase muscular strength and endurance in one of the most effective ways possible…on the erg!


In our intense combination of yoga and our signature rowing workout, you'll get a satisfying total body and mind experience. You’ll increase your flexibility, relieve your stress, and learn techniques to improve your rowing stamina in this high energy, fun class. Oh, and you get a rejuvenating and well-deserved savasana at the end. Rowing and yoga – a match made in heaven.


Strow is a hybrid class that offers dynamic stretching and erging to improve, flexibility, range of motion, prepare the body for enhanced movements as well as to increase cardio vascular performance.

House of Cardio

House of Cards’ Frank Underwood spends a lot of time on his indoor rowing machine working off all the stress that comes with scheming about politics and world domination. With the premier of the latest season just around the corner (May 30 on Netflix), now is the perfect time to try our "House of Cardio June 1st at 6:30p! This kick ass class will help you relieve stress with a killer workout guaranteed to make you sweat!

HIIT 2 Heart

This is the ultimate in cardiovascular fitness! This very high energy HIIT workout combines an array of cutting edge concepts to produce an extremely challenging, high calorie burning kick butt class! Prepare to be totally drenched and extremely fatigued, all while training the most important muscle of all…your HEART!

Fresh Start

Haven’t worked out in awhile? Never been on an erg before but want to learn how to row? Looking for a way to ease back into an effective cardio routine? Say no more! Let’s start from scratch at your own pace to get you where you need to be!


Complete a circuit of functional movements and erg intervals as many times as you can within the designated time frame for a killer full body routine that is ever changing!

Booty Pump

Ladies this workout will definitely be your glutes' best friend! Power through calorie-scorching rowing intervals with a mix of moves designed to target every angle of your booty!


Heroes is a special class offered periodically that takes you through a different mission every time it is offered. Whether your are storming a beach, executing a secret mission or a daring rescue be prepared for the unexpected. This class isn't offered every day so register with ROWViGOR here and keep an eye on the schedule and your email to find out when the next Heroes adventure will be taking place!


Welcome to the world of competitive indoor rowing! Whether you are an existing rower, a cross fitter, or a curious and excited newbie ready to throw down, come work on improving your athletic base, efficiency, and lowering your erg splits. The goal of this class is to put you through a crucible of experimentation and training that will leave you with a race plan and confidently ready to compete at an indoor rowing competition or just break that long standing PR that has been taunting and haunting you.